JANICE is a Dutch high-end fashion brand with an international approach.
Based in The Netherlands, their creativity comes to life in the JANICE head quarters located in Rosmalen.

Collections are build from a desire to create wearable, colourful and playful womenswear. JANICE only works with the best quality fabrics and makes concious choices to create a sustainable wardrobe which you will enjoy for years.


Founders JANICE and Andy share a genuine love for fun, colours, the art of fashion and people. They build their brand from their gut feeling and think their emotional touch makes JANICE unique. Life if a playground, enjoy it, live it to the max and dress up for it every day! They are convinced a great outfit can change your day. The right one can even give you the confidence you need to rule that day!


As a young boy, JANICE was fascinated by his grandmother. A stylish, typical and strong lady living life to the beat of her own drums. This inspired him to design clothes for his mother who was insecure about her looks and outfits.  Studying fashion in Rotterdam, it was a tv show that catapulted his name into fashion.

Andy therefore was introduced to fashion by his parents who owned several fashion stores. Sewing and designing his own outfits from a young age, the circle came complete when Andy joined the company in 2014.

JANICE collections are made for colorful women, who don’t take life too serious but love the attention we put in to details. Strong use of colors, rich basics and essentials, unique prints and key pieces sum up the base for a tipical JANICE collection…and all of that, made from only the best materials carefully selected from all over the world.


As the world changes rapidly, so does fashion. Though in a world where fast fashion is still the most comprehensive, JANICE believes we have to change, to stay the same. This is why every choice is a concious one. We strongly believe sustainablility is a responsibility, therefore we work towards a production without any residual waste. Within this we do not throw away the clothes hangers, we bring them back to the production studios in Poland and reuse them.

Because JANICE and Andy are people people, they only work with manufacturers who pay a good salary to their employees, making sure working conditions and hours are great, because only the best working conditions for the people who make it, will give a great end-result.

Thank you for visiting JANICE…
We hope you love the effort, passion and quality we put in our collection.